Summer 17: August Recap (Part 1)

Two more very busy months! Despite working two jobs during the week, I managed to pull off some pretty great evening and weekend adventures. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, there’s too much to do right now! One fine morning, Amy and I set out with the last-minute decision to attempt Mount Weed. This mountain stands […]

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Summer Recap 17: July

July was a very busy month! It was also a very smoky month that unfortunately clouded many of my activities due to the Verdant Creek fire in Kootenay NP and the couple hundred BC fires. Canada Day was celebrated with a spontaneous joining in the Canada Day parade, with the Brewster float. I walked with […]

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Summer Recap 2017: June

The camping season started off to a strong start when Andrew and I went hiking up to Rawson Lake in knee-deep snow, hammocked next to the Kananaskis lakes with Baxter bear, and then went camping at the Quaite Valley backcountry campground, right next to Heart Mountain I’d hiked just the week prior. It was a […]

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0. The start of a new blog

And we’re off! The creation of a blog always comes with feelings of excitement because it means there’s travel plans big enough enough to warrant it. This is it. After so many years of schooling, then moving away from home to work for a multi-million dollar tourist attraction, it’s time to give myself a break […]

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