NZ: I’m Alberta Bound

April 17th: Today’s the day! The day I fly home! This last week in Auckland has been much too long. We spent several days sitting around, watching TV or movies all day just trying to make time pass by faster. We should’ve either stayed on the road longer (but to be honest, we were pretty […]

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NZ: Rotorua and Hobbiton

April 9th: It was a very relaxed day today as we allowed our bodies to recover from the hike. When we finally left our cozy resort, we stopped at the Spa Park next door so I could get photos of it. We’d meant to swim, but the wind was cold and we were clean. It […]

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NZ: Tongariro Northern Circuit

April 6th: Hike of the Day: Whakapapa Village to Mangatepopo Campground (breaks included): 8.29 kms / 2:27:10 It’s Tongariro day! This is the big hike we’ve looking forward to for ages. The hike with Mount Doom, the great one with volcanoes, and it is time! Since we had a short day of hiking today, we […]

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NZ: On the road again…

Shoutout to Pauline, Baxter and Alex! Hiiiii and thanks for reading this! March 3rd: Hike of the Day: Car Park to Putangirua Pinnacles via streambed (return trip): 2.60 kms / 1:04:02 Time to explore the Putangirua Pinnacles! After breakfast we got ready and made the short trek out to them. It was easy to follow […]

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NZ: Capital City Explorations

Shoutout to my parents and Kimi! Thanks for everything, I love you guys a ton! March 31st: Goodbye Picton! We waved goodbye to the South Island as we rode on the Interislander ferry back up to Wellington. We landed shortly after noon and set off to explore all of the things we hadn’t had time […]

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