Two weeks after starting my new job, I hoped on a plane headed for Ottawa. I’ve taken a lot of fights in the last several months, but this is truly the last adventure for a good, long while. I was headed back to Ontario to take part in Bianca and Alex’s wedding; I was finally going to be a bridesmaid!

Upon landing at 1:30am on the 2nd of May, Bianca came to pick me up and brought me over to Olivia. This was the beginning of a beautiful week! On the 3rd, I hung out with Olivia during the day while she did some errands and wrapped some things up like Bianca’s wedding present. I brought her back some wooden cutting boards from Chelsea’s parents’ shop in New Zealand. They look and feel so amazing, I bought myself a set for my own future house!

That evening, all of the girls met up at Bianca’s for an evening of fun: it was bachelorette time! We first struggled through Ottawa traffic to get to a manicure fit for the wedding, accompanied by lovely little cookies, cakes and some tea. Although we arrived a half hour late, everyone’s nails look fantastic by the end.

We then made our way next door to an amazing restaurant to devour pizza with brie and chicken. After we finished dinner, we went back to the car to drop off the leftover pizza when all of a sudden a man ran past us in the parking lot. We were a bit surprised, but we only realized what was happening when a second man booked it past us: they had just robbed the canna clinic next to the parking lot! It clicked in our brains when the second man running by was wearing a black mask over his face and he was holding a big bag. Holy crap we’d just seen a robbery! The girl from the canna clinic stepped outside screaming, already on the phone with the cops while another bystander ran after them to catch their license plate. This scared us quite a bit – an actual robbery had just taken place right next to where we were! We had a quick discussion and decided we better move away from the area. Unfortunately, it had all happened so quickly that none of us had noticed any details about the robbers. I couldn’t tell you their height, skin color or even what they were wearing. Because we would have nothing useful to share with the police, we decided it was safer to just move on. Shakily and in adrenaline-fueled shock, we began the first part of our scavenger hunt which featured challenges like finding a couple that had been together for 5/10/15 years, take pictures with the Little Italy signs and pose in funny ways. What an evening this was turning out to be!

Next up: pre-drinks at Bianca’s with hilarious nude male cards (as close as we were going to get to strippers) and playing Sociables. It was good fun and got us all to fired up for the night. That’s when we headed out to the Byward Market. The original plan was to go to this one really cool club, but seeing as how it was Thursday, it was completely empty. It also turned out to be a gay bar, and looked like it’d be a great place when it’s busy! So we moved on to another bar, and another, and another until we finally landed on Pub 101, crowded with overly dressed youths trying to get their groove on. Following my lead, the girls and I by-passed the long queue and went straight up to the bouncer. I introduced us as “The Bachelorette” as we proudly showed off our Bride Tribe and Bride-to-be sashes, as though we were expected. He let us right in and we didn’t have to pay cover! The girls couldn’t believe it worked and we had a great laugh about it all. There were tons of people mingling, and there was another line up down a staircase leading to the third floor where they was another dance floor. We had to stand in line for that, but it didn’t take too long to clear. We were shocked when we arrived on the third floor. It was so crowded, it was guaranteed that they were violating fire and safety regulations. It was packed like little squished sardines! We got one free shot and attempted to dance, but could hardly move around. After 15 minutes, it was enough for us to say we’d gone dancing and we left.

It must’ve been after midnight when we all excitedly walked in Zak’s Diner, the best place in town for milkshake and fries. Olivia and I had poutine while the others had wings. It was honestly the perfect bachelorette, and it’s exactly how I would want mine to go.img_3343img_3350

The following day, we rose late and had lunch with Olivia’s family. It was a good day to nail down some of the final details of our part to play in the wedding as Olivia and I would be the hosts/MC’s during the reception portion.

In the evening, we went over to Bianca’s for pizza with the other members of the wedding, as a sort of rehearsal dinner. She went over how things were going to go and what part everyone had to play. Tomorrow is the day!

After much rain these past days, we rose to beautiful sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. It was perfect weather for an outdoor wedding!

Olivia and I headed to a hair salon for 7:30am and had our hair done up. We literally had 43 bobby pins and a can of hairspray keeping it all in place, but it looked amazing! The poor hairdresser had to do both our hair in the hour and half we had, but she made it work. By the time she finished, we decided to head straight over to the Wakefield Mill & Nordic Spa to get ready there as we had to meet everyone around 10:30am for photos. By the time we drove over to the Quebec side, we had about 45 minutes to get changed and to do a full face of makeup. Thankfully we’d planned it out and finished just in time! Olivia’s boyfriend, Sebastien, was also there and he was incredibly helpful the entire day. He held our purses, put things back in the car and took photos throughout the day. Most photos on this post are curtesy of him!

We met the stunning bride, groom and wedding party outside the mill and started taking photos. Everyone looked absolutely amazing! It is so much fun to get super dressed up for once and take tons of gorgeous photos. We were feeling fiiiiine!

Eventually we made our way over to the terrace where the wedding was set up. There was time where we made sure everyone was in position and then it began. I was the first to walk up the aisle and get the ball rolling. Bianca looked absolutely incredible walking down the aisle in her stunning dress, decorated with lace and intricate beading. She took her place next to Alex, and they stood in front of a handmade arch filled with their own books. Nothing could have represented them more. The ceremony was short and sweet, with insightful quips about their relationship read by a charismatic officiant. Alex’s vows were the Pokemon theme song with slightly altered lyrics and was too good. Bianca’s vows were very representative of her, and were thoughtful and deep. It was beautiful!

After the reception, Olivia and I attempted to herd the few guests over to the reception area for a casual drink before lunch. There were about 30 guests in all, so it was a really small wedding. In the reception room, there was a guest book, a little photo booth with fun props and a solarium in which we would be eating lunch. That was connected to a balcony with a powerful waterfall just behind – it was perfect for mingling and taking even more photos!Lunch went by really smoothly, the food was delicious and everyone was in a good mood. They even had the best wedding cake ever: a Pokeball accompanied by Pokémon cupcakes!img_3388img_3389Olivia and I took turns inviting guests up to share anecdotes about the new married couple which in resulted in laughs and in “awes”. After the lunch, the new couple played the shoe game, which is just guaranteed to succeed. It was a total hit and led to some really great laughs. Lastly, Bianca and Alex quizzed the guests on trivia about themselves in order to win the potted centerpieces. After that, we thanked everyone for coming and it was all over! It was about 4pm, and it had all gone as smoothly as we’d been hoping for. Everyone had a wonderful time, and seeing everyone be so happy reminded me that I do want to fall in love and get married someday. Not soon, but someday for sure.

We headed over to a video game bar where Bianca and Alex had invited the wedding party to celebrate together. They had a couple different consoles and we just spent the evening eating nachos and playing Mario Kart, Diablo and other random games. It was good fun and was really casual. By 9pm, we were all pretty tired out from the long and eventful day, so we headed home. It was an incredible honor to be included in such an important event in Bianca’s life and I’m so happy I was able to participate. I wish them the utmost happiness and a marriage full of happiness and love.

The following day I relaxed spent some time with the girls. Olivia, Sebastien and I went to see Avengers: Infinity War, checked out a fresh market and went for a walk around Mer Bleue, a nearby wetland area. Before I knew it, it was already the 7th and it was the day to fly home. Bianca and I had lunch together and browsed through a bookstore before heading to the airport. It was nice to spend some time together as we hadn’t really had the chance for any one-on-one before the wedding. I love my Ottawa girls, and it was a magical week full of love.


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